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Plural logo and website

Contributed by Stephen Coles on Jul 12th, 2015. Artwork published in .
Plural logo and website 1
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A simple and strong website for Berlin communications firm Plural. The logo uses a rounded DIN-like substance that I cannot identify. Plural used the typeface more prominently on their previous website.

Plural logo and website 2
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Plural logo and website 3
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Plural logo and website 4
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9 Comments on “Plural logo and website”

  1. Maybe “Plural” is set in Macarena, by DTP Types?

    Here is an older Plural page with more text in the what looks to be the same typeface:

  2. Good sleuthing! Added.

  3. Great find, Het Mes! I spent far too long. Dunno why WTF didn’t pick that up.

  4. Macarena appears to match the bones of Vega TV, which in turn appears to be Formula Condensed.

  5. On second look, Macarena doesn’t have tails on the ‘l’ and ‘i’, and its dots are too long. I’m thinking this is something else based on the same source. I’ll ask the designers.

  6. Severin Wucher says:
    Jul 12th, 2015 8:33 pm

    Hi, all. Actually, it’s the corporate font of German gas station Aral in a slightly modified version. We started using it as our corporate font in 2005, using a font called Mercedes by German type foundry URW. Actually, Erik Spiekermann told me that he started to design this DIN-like rounded font by drawing the figures for Aral’s price tags somewhen in the late 1970s (for Sedley Place?).

  7. Thanks so much for chiming in, Severin. That explains why this type felt so familiar. Mercedes was in early versions of FontBook (which I obsessed over for years). As far as I can tell, Macarena is very close to it. And I had just read about Aral in Ferdinand Ulrich’s essay on rounded type.

  8. Diego Froidmont says:
    Jul 13th, 2015 11:54 am

    This is fascinating! I never knew Aral had a graphic charter with a unified typeface. It’s an excellent choice for Plural’s logo, this German logic with an original touch. Severin, is it possible to see some of your realisations on another medium (facebook, instagram?)

    Thank you.

  9. I have no confirmation beyond a comparison of available type samples, but Macarena DT, Vega TV, and Mercedes Serial all seem to be based on Aral. Formula Condensed, released around the same time as Aral, also seems to be the same design. I added these related typefaces, including Ferdinand’s history to Aral’s bio on Fonts In Use and will continue to improve it as we learn more.

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