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Alice Cooper – “School’s Out” / “Gutter Cat” German single covers

Contributed by Garrison Martin on Aug 10th, 2018. Artwork published in .
Alice Cooper – “School’s Out” / “Gutter Cat” German single covers 1
Source: Warner Music Germany. Scan: thatsunday/45cat. License: All Rights Reserved.

Warner Music Germany released this single with two different sleeves, one set in Blanchard Solid, and one in Embrionic. Alice Cooper fan Jan Wenneberg comments:

The labels are completely identical, so it can be hard to tell wich came first…
I have chosen the order below from out of following guesses:
1. The misspelled “Gatter Cat” had to be corrected!?
2. A “hanging” Alice was a bit over line for the Germans!?
3. Or maybe it didn’t sell enough, so they put this “Hey! This song actually became a number one hit in England!!” sign on the second version!?

The type on the sticker is another early 70s face, Churchward Design 70. Jan’s theory that the version shown above came first is further supported by the fact that it was used for promo copies.

Alice Cooper – “School’s Out” / “Gutter Cat” German single covers 2
Source: Warner Music Germany. Scan: Darktownjunkie/45cat. License: All Rights Reserved.


  • Blanchard
  • Embrionic
  • Churchward Design




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