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Alfieri & Lacroix ad

Contributed by Nick Sherman on Jun 10th, 2024. Artwork published in .
Alfieri & Lacroix ad
Source: Design Reviewed. License: All Rights Reserved.

An advertisement for Alfieri & Lacroix designed by Franco Grignani. Scanned from Gebrauchsgraphik 04, 1962, and posted at Design Reviewed along with more of Grigani’s ads for Alfieri & Lacroix and the following intro:

Alfieri & Lacroix was established in 1896 by Emilio Alfieri and Edoardo Lacroix. The company was based in Milan and specialised in fine art printing. […]

In the early 1950s, Alfieri & Lacroix sought an advertising campaign to boost their business and establish themselves as a leader in the Italian printing industry. To achieve this, Morani commissioned Franco Grignani, a designer and collaborator of Studio Boggeri, granting him the freedom to innovate with typography, photography, and illustration.

Grignani’s task was unique. As Raimondo Hrabak noted in Gebrauchsgraphik issue No. 4, 1962, “Grignani neither had to promote the product nor the name of his client, but his only task was to demonstrate the whole variety of possibilities and applications which the technical facilities of his client’s modern enterprise offer the artist.” This approach allowed Grignani to explore and push the boundaries of design, resulting in exceptional and acclaimed work characterised by Grignani’s distinct design aesthetic and innovative perspective.

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