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The F*room exhibition poster

Contributed by Jonas Lerch on Jun 5th, 2024. Artwork published in
circa March 2023
The F*room exhibition poster 1
License: All Rights Reserved.

Poster for the exhibition The F*room. From MK&G Freiraum (translated):

The open space of the MK&G becomes The F*room – young designers from HAW Hamburg use this place of dialog to position themselves in the discourse with their own intersectional design positions and critical food for thought. Inspired by the current exhibition The F*wordGuerrilla Girls and Feminist Graphic Design, the students have worked on surprisingly personal and yet universal questions: How do I discuss gender issues at the dinner table? How many sexist jokes does the public broadcaster want to air? How do we create space in the archive for a diverse collection? How can we create safe(r) spaces to celebrate? How beautiful can a cycle actually be? How do we ensure productive discord? […]

A project by communication designers from HAW Hamburg in the course “Annoying, too loud, too messy”, supervised by Prof. Heike Grebin and Lea Sievertsen. Funded by the Claussen-Simon-Fonds für Wissenschaft & Hochschule.

The F*room exhibition poster 2
Jonas Lerch. License: All Rights Reserved.


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