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Chorherrenstift St. Michael Beromünster

Contributed by Dominique Kerber on May 2nd, 2024. Artwork published in .
Chorherrenstift St. Michael Beromünster 1 License: All Rights Reserved.

Cast was used by the communication agency to design the new visual identity of the Canons Monastery of St Michael in Beromünster. The typeface is used for the logo, website, signage, stationery and various pieces of lettering.

The Canons Monastery of St Michael in Beromünster has existed since the middle of the tenth century and is one of Switzerland’s cultural assets of national importance. Construction of the present church began around the year 1000. Since then, this place of prayer has become an impressive religious and cultural centre. The so-called Abbey District includes more than 40 buildings and many outstanding works of art.

The site is owned by the foundation, which has existed for more than 1,000 years and was confirmed and reorganised by Count Ulrich von Lenzburg in 1036. Today it is governed by the chapter of the abbey, to which the canons belong and which is presided over by the provost. The canons are secular priests who dedicate themselves to the service of prayer and liturgy and are committed to the maintenance of the abbey. Each canon runs his own household. Until 1806, they mostly came from the nobility or the patriciate. Today, they are deserving clergymen who spend their retirement there.

Chorherrenstift St. Michael Beromünster 2 License: All Rights Reserved.
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  1. [translated from the German]

    Cast has been my “house typeface” since I founded my company – and I am still delighted with it. There are very few typefaces that I never “get tired of”, even after years of use. Cast is definitely one of them. When I was able to win the Chorherrenstift Beromünster as a client for the redesign, there was no discussion about the new typeface: “We want the same font that you use for” With pleasure!

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