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Contributed by Ben Mingo on Apr 23rd, 2024. Artwork published in
circa 2024
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Mesura is a Barcelona-based architecture practice that has been designing and developing breath-taking spaces for the last decade. Eager to unfold the next chapter of their business, the team turned to us to help reposition their efforts with a braver brand strategy, having realized that “architecture and design go well beyond a built object, and often times, have unexpected influence in adjacent fields.”

Since that moment, we’ve stepped into the unknown with Mesura, repositioning their team as a catalyst for transformation by leveraging their unique processes as brand-defining verticals of their practice. Mesura, who was once an executional architecture practice, is now a model for creativity.

The model shift ultimately landed us with a refreshed brand identity, featuring a wordmark that holds onto a quiet confidence, and supporting typefaces that remain practical and flexible for brand evolution. Additionally, art direction and image treatments were intentionally designed to be executed in a way that is opposite of most traditional architecture firms, giving Mesura another visual tool of differentiation. It was also evident that the team’s website would require an experience to be representative of the business’s larger shift.

Much like Mesura’s desire to be exploratory as opposed to linear, we crafted a journey that created a continual path of discovery for users without sacrificing the opportunity to facilitate key messages. Whether the user’s attention is initially caught by projects, objects, resources, or editorial, each piece of content is linked to something else within the site’s infrastructure, creating an endless loop of curiosity. The approach to digital has allowed Mesura to communicate the range of services and functions of the studio at scale while leveraging the team’s unique working process, regardless of medium.

Thank you Mesura for trusting us, spending time with us in Los Angeles, and for the spirit of collaboration throughout the entire process.

The brand typography pairs Waldenburg with Times New Roman; the tightly spaced logo is based on Fold Grotesque.

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