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El Cuarteto de NosCortamambo album art

Contributed by Coin on Apr 14th, 2024. Artwork published in .
El Cuarteto de Nos – Cortamambo album art 1
Koala Records. License: All Rights Reserved.

Cortamambo is an album from the Uruguayan rock group El Cuarteto de Nos, one of my favourite bands, released in 2000. The album cover features a blue background with someone’s boobs in it (the band had that type of humor back then) and a rectangle in inverted colors that has the title, which translates to “Killjoy”.

In the upper part, there’s the band name and the text “4.TETO”, which sounds similar to “cuarteto“ (quartet in Spanish), set in what appears to be italicized caps from Impact. The title is written in Techno, which is a very cool font ngl. If you know Spanish and you like humor, I highly recommend this album. If you don’t know Spanish, I highly recommend this album, too – because of the instrumentals.

The image below shows the censored Argentinian version of the album cover, in which the bar with the negative colors is replaced with a black rectangle – it’s censored for obvious reasons.

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El Cuarteto de Nos – Cortamambo album art 2
Koala Records. License: All Rights Reserved.


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2 Comments on “El Cuarteto de NosCortamambo album art”

  1. the band had that type of humor back then

    Not all band members found it funny, it seems: according to Wikipedia’s page about the band, co-founder Riki Musso left the group for most of 2001, “due to issues he had with the album cover”.

  2. That’s right, but I said that because the band did had that type of humor. Riki wanted to leave that kind of humor for that year, but he had the same type of humor some years before, sorry for not putting that on the text. He already created an album cover for the album, but Koala Records didn’t Accept the album cover for being too “amateur” and the other 3 members and Koala Records had the idea of the NSFW album cover.

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