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Fate & Free Will

Contributed by hope terpilowski on Mar 23rd, 2024. Artwork published in
March 2024
Fate & Free Will 1
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This set of two publications explores the age-old question: does fate or free will govern the universe? One book explores Fate, while the other explores Free Will. Connected via a hinge on the back covers, readers can read one book at a time by flipping them along the long edge, or unfold them to be read together.

The Fate book (You Were Always Going To Read This) is set in ABC Marist, a serif typeface, while the Free Will book (You Could Choose To Read This) is set in ABC Whyte, a sans serif. Whenever a term or concept pertaining to the opposite book is mentioned, the relevant typeface interposes. This creates not only a clear visual distinction between the two sides of the debate, but also gives a sense of how often they actually intertwine.

Type is also used to give the reader a point of reference in the books, which are each split into three sections. Each section dives into the relevant topic in increasing levels of complexity, allowing readers to jump around to wherever they feel comfortable; this alludes to the somewhat non-linear nature of the debate throughout history. The type starts out quite large in the introduction (section 1) to give a more elementary feel, while the type in the most complicated level (section 3) is smaller and split into columns.

This double publication was created as a student project at the University of Washington, supervised by Jayme Yen.

Fate & Free Will 2
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Fate & Free Will 3
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Fate & Free Will 4
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Fate & Free Will 5
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