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Internet Surfing exhibition poster

Contributed by Nathan Prost on Feb 29th, 2024. Artwork published in
October 2023
Internet Surfing exhibition poster
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On this exhibition poster, the title Internet Surfing is in Neue Helvetica, a classic in contempory art. The font contrasts with the retro style of the old system window that creates a waveform. The Chinese font used for “網路衝浪手冊” is yet unidentified [it’s Hiragino Kaku Gothic, see comments].

The date of the exhibition is in Roc Grotesk Wide Extra Bold.

From the Yo-Chang Art Museum at National Taiwan University of Arts (NTUA):

How do we ride the waves of the surging and foaming Internet?

This exhibition is titled Internet Surfing: A Handbook for Surfing the Internet.
Through the function of a “manual”, each point of attention becomes a guideline for practicing the exhibition, and at the same time reveals the overall structure of the exhibition.

Through the artworks on display, we re-experience Internet Surfing and explore what we might see and hear when we ride the waves of the Internet.


  • Neue Helvetica
  • Hiragino Kaku Gothic
  • Roc Grotesk




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2 Comments on “Internet Surfing exhibition poster”

  1. 網路衝浪手冊 is set in Hiragino Kaku Gothic. The text in the Windows XP windows uses Times New Roman along with the newer design (version 5.03+) of MingLiU, which abandoned Kangxi Dictionary forms for the widely criticized, handwriting-influenced ROC government standard (國字標準字體).

  2. Much obliged! I’ve added Hiragino Kaku Gothic.

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