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Magugu × Le Motel — Kindness Weakness EP cover

Contributed by Lucas Descroix on Dec 22nd, 2023. Artwork published in
February 2023
Magugu × Le Motel — Kindness Weakness EP cover
Source: Maloca Records. License: All Rights Reserved.

After a first collaboration in 2020, where Nostra Sett was used in the music video, Belgian producer Le Motel and British rapper Magugu released a 4-song EP in February 2023. The artwork was designed by Le Motel, like most things coming out of his own music label Maloca Records, and uses — you’ve guessed it — Nostra Sett, this time in a slightly compressed version, making the letters a bit closer to being squares. Being monospaced, it plays nicely with the similarities between the two words in the title, “Kindness Weakness”.

As is often the case on Maloca Records, the artwork is a full-page picture, covered on the left with a type-only strip, showing all caps Obviously for supporting text. The Maloca logotype uses Eckmannpsych with an alternate M and what appears to be an enlarged lowercase C.

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