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Kubuś Piekarenka

Contributed by Alex Lescieux on Oct 4th, 2023. Artwork published in
February 2023
Kubuś Piekarenka 1
@majkimiki. License: All Rights Reserved.

Logotype and visual identity for Kubuś Piekarenka in Warsaw, by Grzegorz Sołowiński. The brand typeface is AL Werner, a display typeface designed by Alex Lescieux, based on the lettering on a poster made by Werner Zryd in 1959. It’s available on request as of 2023. It is paired with Neue Helvetica, used for information.

On her blog, Nakarmiona Starecka describes Kubuś (translated from Polish) as follows:

There’s an incredibly good energy emanating from this place at 19 Marszałkowska Street. I’m not sure if it’s thanks to Kubuś’ decor, its luminosity, and fairy-tale charm, or the exceptionally friendly staff working in this open-to-look bakery. Kubuś timidly made its debut on Fat Thursday with a softly boiled egg-filled doughnut. (…) Kubuś is making quite a splash, and you can already sense that a spectacular success is in the making.

Kubuś Piekarenka 2
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Kubuś Piekarenka 3
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Kubuś Piekarenka 4
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Kubuś Piekarenka 5
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Kubuś Piekarenka 6
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  • AL Werner
  • Neue Helvetica




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