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“Cooler than Cool” advertisement by Coca-Cola

Contributed by Bryson Stohr on Sep 4th, 2023. Artwork published in .
“Cooler than Cool” advertisement by Coca-Cola
Source: jakeofthenorth90. License: All Rights Reserved.

A mid 1990s print advertisement for Coca-Cola, known at the time as Coca-Cola Classic:

oh my goodness!
you should’ve seen this one…
TALL, dark and
cooler than cool
I Had To Pick It UP.

The typography uses no less than five (or seven, if one takes weights into consideration) fonts: Eras (in 2 weights) for “Oh my goodness!”, Commercial Script for “you should’ve seen this one…” and – with tracking – for “and”, Industria for “Tall”, Futura Extra Bold for “dark”, and ITC Kabel for the last two lines; “cooler than cool” uses the Ultra style, whilst “I had to pick it up” uses the Bold style. In addition, “Always” in the slogan “Always Coca-Cola” at the top uses Compacta, and the small print at the bottom is set in Helvetica.


  • Eras
  • Commercial Script
  • Industria
  • Futura Extra Bold
  • ITC Kabel
  • Compacta
  • Helvetica




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