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Biltmore Single Malt Whiskey

Contributed by Brian Brubaker on Aug 18th, 2023. Artwork published in
circa November 2022
Biltmore Single Malt Whiskey 1
Source: Chemist Spirits. License: All Rights Reserved.

Tiller and OC Highway are paired on this in-house label design by James Donaldson for Chemist Spirits:

Handcrafted with estate-grown barley aged in new oak barrels and finished in Biltmore wine barrels for a perfectly balanced flavor profile, Biltmore Whiskey captures the timeless elegance of America’s finest and most legendary estate.

The Biltmore wordmark with the descending swash R appears to be based on Aeneas. Century Schoolbook Condensed Bold is used for the “Red Wine Barrels” etc. on the sides of the label (blurred but visible) and Century Schoolbook Monospace is picked for the “Distilled and bottled by” arched type, visible on the left and right sides of the bottom portion of the label.

Biltmore Single Malt Whiskey 2
Source: Chemist Spirits. License: All Rights Reserved.
Biltmore Single Malt Whiskey 3
Source: Chemist Spirits. License: All Rights Reserved.


  • Tiller
  • Aeneas
  • OC Highway
  • Century Schoolbook
  • Century Schoolbook Monospace




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  1. The variable version of Highway Gothic was designed by Otherwhere Collective according to Print Magazine, which is free for personal and commercial uses.

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