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Boxhorn #39, “Wege” issue

Contributed by Tom Tietz on Aug 1st, 2023. Artwork published in
July 2023
Boxhorn #39, “Wege” issue 1
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How do we stay optimistic?

In times of various challenges, we at the Boxhorn editorial team are no longer in the mood for mostly negative news – even though we naturally don’t want to hide it. Instead, we have approached this magazine with not one, but eight smiling faces and have chosen the theme of “Ways” (“Wege” in German), where we can speak above all of lives full of perspectives.

Which ways lie behind us? What ways are we taking? What challenges and opportunities do we encounter along the way? We asked ourselves these questions and set out on our own paths, met people and listened to their exciting life stories, which also sometimes lead past barriers. In the process, we have also questioned and rediscovered our own ways. In addition, we dealt with creative ways of working, which serve as inspiration for us as future designers, and finally also with the way into the future. We also placed special emphasis on Boxhorn #39 being a magazine by students for students. Everyone could participate, for example in the form of surveys or our Open Call, which offers a stage for student work.

Even though we have tried to work past the crises, they catch up with us in some places. Producing a print magazine at a time of inflation brings its own problems. Paper prices that suddenly double force you to rethink. We are happy that many people believed in us and with their support made it possible for this magazine to become what it is now. A magazine that shows diversity and different realities of life, positive and yet differentiated.

This issue was created by the students Annika Rolfs, Charlotte Hünninghaus, Leonard Schneiders, Olga Tanjukjewitsch, Paulina Hermanns, Ronja Staack, Timo Wehrmeijer and Tom Tietz, under the supervision of Prof. Ilka Helmig at the University of Applied Sciences Aachen. In an edition of 400 copies, printed with HP Indigo, finished with fluorescent orange with risography printing and hand-bound by us with an adhesive binding.

Special thanks to Felix Pfäffli from Studio Feixen for let us use their Noi Grotesk typeface for this issue.

The magazine name features the alternate H from Noi Grotesk’s stylistic set 10, “Spaghetti Letters”.
License: All Rights Reserved.

The magazine name features the alternate H from Noi Grotesk’s stylistic set 10, “Spaghetti Letters”.

Boxhorn #39, “Wege” issue 3
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Boxhorn #39, “Wege” issue 4
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Boxhorn #39, “Wege” issue 5
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Boxhorn #39, “Wege” issue 6
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