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Brownie Points identity

Contributed by TYPE01 on Jul 28th, 2023. Artwork published in
June 2022
Brownie Points identity 1
Monga Design. License: All Rights Reserved.

Brownie Points is Black-owned and operated outlet for the goods designed by Texas-born, LA-based artist/comedian Rinny Perkins. It creates identity-reflective art through retro advertising to take up space and give voice to those who feel unheard. From the website:

What started out as Rinny’s 70s-inspired collages and self-published zines in 2017 turned into this fully fleshed out shop where we celebrate showing up as we are and that means not holding our tongue when it comes to dating, sexuality and mental health.

In 2022, graphic design sudio and Brazilian creative duo Monga Design were asked to create their new visual identity, which needed to be retro but at the same time contemporary.

The main fonts in use are Rabbit Hole Display by Tomasz Pawluk (@boafff) and Perfectly Nineties by Jen Wagner. The shown tote bag and labels additionally feature a range of other fonts, including Bookmania, Lazybones, Cooper Black, and Sloop Script.

Brownie Points identity 2
Monga Design. License: All Rights Reserved.
Brownie Points identity 3
Monga Design. License: All Rights Reserved.
Brownie Points identity 4
Monga Design. License: All Rights Reserved.
Brownie Points identity 5
Monga Design. License: All Rights Reserved.


  • Rabbit Hole Display
  • Perfectly Nineties
  • Bookmania
  • Lazybones
  • Cooper Black
  • Sloop Script




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2 Comments on “Brownie Points identity”

  1. Brownie Points don’t use these fonts. Their logo looks like this.

  2. Hi P.D.,

    It’s true that Brownie Points uses a different logo and different fonts on their website now. But they did use (parts of) the shown design for a short while. At least they had a logo in Rabbit Hole Display and Perfectly Nineties in June 2022, see this capture by the Wayback Machine:

    And on Instagram, Brownie Points still features a B from Rabbit Hole in their profile image.

    I don’t know to what extent the other shown items were realized. They may or may not be mockups. At least the Instagram screenshots in the post seem to be doctored: as of today, Brownie Points has 38.1K followers, and not 2,1M followers as suggested in the image. I don’t understand why design studios feel the need to dress up things this way. Simply show what is, not what could be.

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