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Acousmonium de Printemps 2023

Contributed by Jérémy Landes (Studio Triple) on May 19th, 2023. Artwork published in
May 2023
Acousmonium de Printemps 2023 1
Source: © AAAAA Atelier 2023. License: All Rights Reserved.

The Acousmonium de Printemps (Spring Acousmonium) is a two-days festival organized by the Vaagues de Chaleur collective around the atypical instrument that is the Acousmonium. This sound diffusion system consists of at least 16 (originally 80) loudspeakers of differing size and shape, placed in front, around and among the audience. This “loudspeaker orchestra” focuses on sound spacialisation and grain.

For this event, Parisian studio Atelier AAAAA created a pair of heavily illustrated posters. The image treatment uses Stochaster, a rasterizing tool made by Justin Bihan, also a type designer owning the micro-foundry Lettres Simples. Atop of these busy backgrounds, the information is set in Jérémy Landes’ NaN Success Sans together with Lucas Le Bihan and Jean-Baptiste Morizot’s Karrik, both fonts being granted a black outline to differentiate them from the illustration. Success’ organic distortions and the fact that the title is set on a curve doubles down on the in overall very dancing imagery.

Acousmonium de Printemps 2023 2
Source: © AAAAA Atelier 2023. License: All Rights Reserved.

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