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Burundi Black B – “Marabunta” / “Africa Manga” French single cover

Photo(s) by Buro Destruct. Imported from Flickr on Dec 3, 2023. Artwork published in .
Burundi Black B – “Marabunta” / “Africa Manga” French single cover 1
Source: Uploaded to Flickr by Buro Destruct and tagged with “mania” and “futura”. License: CC BY-NC-SA.

Fonts from the Flea Market #1316

Second single by Burundi Black B, better known as Burundi Steiphenson Black or Mike Steïphenson, all pseudonyms used by French composer, arranger and producer Michel Bernholc (1941–2002). The precursor, “Burundi Black”, which sampled a recording of drumming by 25 members of the Ingoma people in Burundi, was a hit in 1971. It got itself sampled several times, including by Joni Mitchell for “The Jungle Line” (1975), and by the Beastie Boys for “59 Chrystie Street” (1989).

The follow-up again features instrumental tracks mixing “tribal” drums with synths and electronic guitars. “Marabunta” is custom lettering. The title of the B-side, “Africa Manga”, is shown in Mania, shaded and with a red contour. The project’s name is set in caps from Futura Extra Bold.

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Burundi Black B – “Marabunta” / “Africa Manga” French single cover 2
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  • Obese & Mania
  • Futura Extra Bold




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