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Casual Archivist ADC Tulsa poster

Contributed by Elizabeth Goodspeed on Mar 28th, 2023. Artwork published in
April 2023
Casual Archivist ADC Tulsa poster
Elizabeth Goodspeed. License: All Rights Reserved.

This poster was made for a talk I’m giving with the Art Directors Club of Tulsa on April 6, 2023. The design is inspired by old circus posters that playfully mix all sorts of weights, widths, and styles of type; my take is modified and updated to feel a bit more anachronistically modern, with unexpected typefaces like LCD, Moore, and Casserole (Oh No’s “resuscitation” of Davida) adding a 70s and 80s flair to the more traditional slab serifs like Rockwell Condensed and Deming. The image is excerpted from Engenhocas, a vintage Portuguese DIY magazine from the 1940s.

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