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Aftersun movie posters

Contributed by Andreas Kofler on Mar 25th, 2023. Artwork published in .
Aftersun movie posters 1
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There are several posters for Charlotte Wells’ debut film Aftersun. They may be classified based on the fonts in use. Mubi – the UK distributor of the film – favors an unidentified Helvetica version (possibly Nimbus Sans Bold with modifications [edit: it’s AG Book, see comments) for a cropped low-caps title of the movie on its folded poster. A24 – the US distributor – makes use of Avenir Next for an all-caps title.

A third version of the poster employs Base Monospace, which is also used for the opening credits and the title sequence of Aftersun. The latter has been designed by Version Industries (Caspar Newbolt and Josiah Newbolt) on very short notice, according to their website’s blog. The typeface was chosen in discussion with Charlotte Wells.

,  and
Source: A24. License: All Rights Reserved.
Aftersun movie posters 3
Source: License: All Rights Reserved.


  • AG Book
  • Avenir Next
  • Base Monospace
  • Gill Sans
  • Univers Ultra Condensed




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3 Comments on “Aftersun movie posters”

  1. Hi Andreas,

    For the cropped Helvetica in the first poster: the key details are the corner in the bottom right of the counter of a and the diagonal terminals in e and s. I can’t think of a font right now that has all these features. Here’s a comparison with URW’s Nimbus Sans T Bold (with adjusted spacing) which has the right a, but is not a perfect match in other details:

  2. For the first poster, the medium weight of Berthold’s AG Book appears to be a perfect match when overlaid over the film title:

  3. Excellent! I keep forgetting about AG Book. Thanks, Storm. Added.

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