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Almost Something by Hanna Moon

Contributed by Altiplano Typefaces on Feb 6th, 2023. Artwork published in
circa 2022
Almost Something by Hanna Moon 1
Patrick Remy Studio,. License: All Rights Reserved.

Monaako Script was in part inspired by French vernacular letterings from the early XXth century and in particular by Loupot’s logo for Saint-Raphaël liquors. Its letters based on parameterized axes, geometry and calligraphic forms offer new word images and are particularly suitable for headline and titles typesetting.


For her first book, Hanna Moon returned to her country, to Seoul, but also to Daejon, her hometown, 150km south of the capital. Back to her roots, her family, and her friends. A dive into a country which remains mysterious for most people, despite its pop culture spreading around the world. Intimate photographs of everyday life, of a digital generation that still flirts with the values of the past! Digital memories displayed on her computer desk, memories of small moments that form recollections!

Almost Something was published in 2022 by Patrick Remy Studio, Paris.

Almost Something by Hanna Moon 2
License: All Rights Reserved.
Almost Something by Hanna Moon 3
Source: UNITOM. License: All Rights Reserved.


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