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To Sir, With Love Hungarian movie poster

Contributed by Nick Sherman on Dec 4th, 2022. Artwork published in .
To Sir, With Love Hungarian movie poster 1
Source: CineMaterial. License: All Rights Reserved.

A Hungarian-language poster for Tanár Úrnak, Szerettel (To Sir With Love), the 1967 film directed by James Clavell and starring Sidney Poitier.

From Lizzyoung Bookseller:

To Sir, With Love is based on a 1959 autobiographical novel by E.R. Braithwaite. The British drama features an idealistic teacher trying to connect with his East End students who have been thrown away by society.

If I understand the poster’s credits correctly, it was designed by György Kemény (credited as “KEMÉNY GY”) and offset-printed by Bors Ferenc for Magyar Hirdető, Hungary’s state-run advertising agency whose logo is in the top right corner. Some versions of the poster (presumably the originals) also feature the logo of Hungary’s state-run film distributor, MOKÉP, in the top left corner.

The poster features the Ringlet typeface, set freeform – perhaps as dry transfer lettering – on a yellow band, wrapping around an illustrated portrait of Poitier’s face, which is filled with a red and green sunburst pattern. Windsor and Ludlow Black are used for supporting text.

The extra-small type on the poster appears to be Elegant-Grotesk and Futura (or similar) for the publishing credits and Kemény’s design credit, respectively.

To Sir, With Love Hungarian movie poster 2
Source: Lizzyoung Bookseller. License: All Rights Reserved.


  • Ringlet
  • Windsor
  • Ludlow Black
  • Elegant-Grotesk
  • Futura




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