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À ma sœur ! movie poster for NonStop Entertainment

Contributed by Stefania Malmsten on Oct 20th, 2022. Artwork published in .
À ma sœur ! movie poster for NonStop Entertainment
Malmsten Hellberg. License: All Rights Reserved.

À ma sœur ! is a drama written and directed by Catherine Breillat, starring Anaïs Reboux and Roxane Mesquida. It can be seen as part of the “New French Extremity” – a wave of transgressive films by French directors at the turn of the 21st century (a term coined by Artforum critic James Quandt). Malmsten Hellberg designed the poster and title treatment. Another assignment for quality film distributor NonStop Entertainment in their series of films by female directors that finally get a theatrical release in Sweden. The title is set in VTC Carrie, from Vocal Type (named after women’s suffrage leader Carrie Chapman Catt), accompanied by Ivar Text from Letters from Sweden.

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