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Passage AiR

Contributed by Valerio Nicoletti on Sep 14th, 2022. Artwork published in .
Passage AiR 1
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Passage is a residency programme for lens-based artists organised in the region of the Dübener Heide, between the German states of Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt. Once part of East Germany, the region has undergone extensive changes in landscape and land use, from its industrial past to more recent environmental interventions. The scope of the programme is to register the current socio-geographical status and to highlight the transitional nature of this territory, through the research and interpretation by the artists-in-residence.

The visual identity was developed by Berlin-based Grupppo, following a one-month research in the area, drawing inspirations from old (and new) cartography, landscape photography, and especially by taking a lot of flâneur walks around.

The typographical choice wants to reflect the dialogue between history and present, with the pairing of Club Lithographer, a Victorian-inspired cursive face by David Jonathan Ross, and Apfel Grotezk, the neo-grotesque geometric typeface by Luigi Gorlero, available from Collletttivo. In some applications, Basteleur by Keussel (Velvetyne) was used for headlines.

The programme is initiated by the Kultur- und Kunstverein Kemberg e.V. and financed through the LEADER grant and the European Social Fund. The next open call for applications will start in January 2023.

Passage AiR 2
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Passage AiR 3
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