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Les Louis Boys – On est les boss ! album art

Contributed by Jay Mellor on May 8th, 2022. Artwork published in .
Les Louis Boys – On est les boss ! album art 1
Photo: Jay Mellor. FDV / Les Productions Jolly. License: All Rights Reserved.

Les Louis Boys are an iconic Franco-Manitoban music group formed in 1972 in Winnipeg. It has played countless times at the Festival du Voyageur. Two albums were recorded by the now-defunct Century 21 Studios.

The past and current members are Edwin Prince, Gabriel “Moose” Masse, Michel “Butch” Boucher, Marcel Vernier, Paul Belanger, Paul Heppenstall, Marc Allard, Pierre Morier, Marc D’Eschambault, Marcel Druwé and Jacques Dorge. But there are nine members according to their album produced in collaboration with Les Productions Jolly Ltée (aka Jolly), which was recorded in November of 1976 and released probably in the same year. The picture above is the second edition released in the late 70s or early 80s (the sticker uses Letraset Pump).

The cover of this album, printed in brown and scarlet red spot colors, uses Gill Sans Extrabold for the title in a tightly spaced setting and with an elongated letter l, with Univers 75 as well for the tracklisting. The Festival du Voyageur logo is in a predigital version of Bulletin Script Two with added distortion.

The body copy on the back and the identifiers appear to be in Theme, a typeface created for the IBM Selectric typewriters between 1968 and 1972.

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Les Louis Boys – On est les boss ! album art 2
Photo: Jay Mellor. FDV / Les Productions Jolly. License: All Rights Reserved.


  • Gill Sans
  • Bulletin Script Two
  • Univers
  • Theme
  • Pump




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  1. Fun fact: speaking of Bulletin Script No. 2, this font appeared in a Morgan Press catalogue as W-101.

    I wonder if this font got resisted into the phototypesetting era before its digitization? Someone might or may not know.

  2. Yes, this design was revived for phototypesetting. It’s not included in the range of wood and foundry typefaces adopted by Headliners from the Morgan Press Collection. At least it’s not listed in an overview from a 1978 catalog. However, Lettergraphics had a version named Bazaar, presented in their 1969 catalog (see below). It’s already shown in an ad from 1966.

    Photo-Lettering’s Baghdad Spurs (before 1971, probaby 1964) is an interpretation of Page’s No. 112, which is distinguished by little spurs on the baseline.

    Bazaar as shown in Lettergraphics’ Letter-Fan from 1969

  3. Oh yeah, Florian — your research really taught me on expanding the history of this Bulletin Script Two that I was waiting for!

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