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Surfer Boy Pizza logo

Contributed by Gaby Arauz on Mar 4th, 2022. Artwork published in
circa 2021
Surfer Boy Pizza logo 1
Netflix. License: All Rights Reserved.

Surfer Boy Pizza is a fictional pizza delivery service that operates in Lenora Hills, California in 1986. It’s featured in the upcoming Stranger Things 4. The Byers family has moved from Hawkins, Indiana to California. There, Jonathan befriends with Argyle, “a stoner type with a deep chill philosophical vibe” portrayed by Eduardo Franco, who delivers pizzas in a sandy Volkswagen Transporter T3 with a surfboard-shaped sign on top.

The intentionally amateurish logo is based on two typefaces. “Surfer Boy” is set in Laser with its alternate loopy f. This script was drawn by Martin Wait and issued by Letraset in 1987, making it an almost period correct choice. “Pizza” is added in italics from Krazy Kracks NF. Designer Nick Curtis describes his 2003 release as “suggestive of Cooper Black on some serious drugs. [It] is based on the so-called ‘California’ style of lettering used extensively in travel posters of the 30s to the 50s.” His version “is based on its interpretation by Carl Holmes in a Walter T. Foster artbook entitled ABC of Lettering.” See a snippet of Holmes’s italic on the Paperfinger website.

Surfer Boy Pizza logo 2
Source: Stranger Things Wiki. License: CC BY-NC-SA.


  • Laser
  • Krazy Kracks NF




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  1. Hrant Papazian says:
    Jun 21st, 2022 5:41 am

    Dude I just called that number and zilch. No pizza and hold music def not '80s dude.

  2. Other vans feature a different number, 805–457–4992, or 805–45-PIZZA. Haven’t tried it.

  3. CoopForged is a the wimpy kid font

  4. Hi J, that’s correct … but that’s not how it works. This post has nothing to do with either the Wimpy Kid book series or the Coop Forged typeface. If you want to prepare a contribution about that, please see the FAQ about contributing to the Collection.

  5. I don’t know who designed it but Perry Signs painted the van.

  6. Thank you for the link, Camille!

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