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Vandal wines

Contributed by Kate Taraskina on Mar 3rd, 2022. Artwork published in
circa 2016
Vandal wines 1
Photo: Kate Taraskina. FIL D'OR フィルドール restaurant. License: All Rights Reserved.

Three kiwi winemakers have decided to collaborate and make the “side project” together. It involves making wines that are less conventional in style, therefore they were looking for less conventional branding, free of gimmicks and with longevity. The wines are made in very small quantities and targeted at fine wine retail outlets and dining restaurants, for experienced wine consumers looking for something special. In crude terms, these are “craft wines” that are a bit more challenging to taste, but infinitely more interesting.

Due to conflict of interests, the winemakers haven’t disclose their identity. This mystery and rebel situation is symbolized by the representation of the bats at the background of the label, the roughly drawn lines, the play of textures and black on black.

Amatic SC was chosen because it’s a simple but noticeable hand-drawn typeface that was easy to use for small runs of text in a limited time for design development. Josefin Sans was chosen for its unusual proportions, artistic mood, geometric, and elegant shapes with a vintage feeling. All of these went well together with roughly drawn lines, bats as symbols of mystery and rebellion, the play of textures, and black on black.

Vandal wines 2
Photo: Kate Taraskina. @procurewinenz. License: All Rights Reserved.
Vandal wines 3
Photo: Kate Taraskina. License: All Rights Reserved.
Vandal wines 4
Photo: Kate Taraskina. License: All Rights Reserved.


  • Josefin Sans
  • Amatic SC




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