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Diccionario de la Biblia (Herder, 1963 edition)

Contributed by Stephen Coles on Jan 5th, 2022. Artwork published in .
Diccionario de la Biblia (Herder, 1963 edition) 1
Source: Image: Librería Salón. License: All Rights Reserved.

This is a Spanish dictionary of the Bible based on Herbert Haag’s Bibel-Lexikon and on Bijbels Woordenboek, by A. van den Born and other specialists. The jacket showcases the characterful lowercase of Albert Hollenstein and Albert Boton’s Brasilia which was issued by Hollenstein just a few years before.

Brasilia is something like an extended Helvetica or Folio but with some extra French swing. Or Brazilian swing, as they saw it — because, according to type historian Maxim Zhukov, the typeface was inspired by the architecture of Brazil’s brand new capital city. That rings true: Niemeyer’s buildings tend to have a horizontal orientation, with lots of undulating curves (a, s) and dramatic overhangs (closed apertures).

Diccionario de la Biblia (Herder, 1963 edition) 2
Source: Image: El Desvan Antigüedades. License: All Rights Reserved.

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