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Pasta Social Club

Contributed by giulia boggio on Sep 16th, 2021. Artwork published in
circa 2021
Pasta Social Club 1
Photo: giulia boggio. License: All Rights Reserved.

From Eatwith:

Join Chef Fabrizio Ricotta for his pop-up Supper Club, where the food, tradition and modern cooking techniques are the protagonists of the show. Fabrizio will host the evening, taking you on a culinary journey through Italy, from Milano to Sicily.

Fabrizio Ricotta is a London based chef whose passion and love for food started from a young age and his experience now spans over 10 years and developed in some of the best restaurants across Italy and England, harnessing a cooking style, that is rooted in Italian tradition, fused with elements of British, French and Scandinavian gastronomy, which influences his personal taste into delicious and elegant dishes.

Trying to shape the idea of private dinners as something that can be fun and young and more of an experience than just a meal, the communication and identity is focused on being professional, with a touch of fun and fresh.

Here, a mix of three typefaces aims at translating this attitude into the picture, all starkly set against a bright orange background, consistent with the color palette used on his website and social media.

I paired my Mafta Grotesk with Doghebi (Marcello della Puppa) to create a logo that would be both fun and readable while somehow communicating a sense of handmade, taking us back to the process itself of pasta making in particular, and cooking in general. General copy is set in a mix of Mafta and the 2.1 version of Bastardo Grotesk.

Pasta Social Club 2
Photo: giulia boggio. License: All Rights Reserved.
Pasta Social Club 3
Photo: giulia boggio. License: All Rights Reserved.

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