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Decret on

Contributed by Adelina Shaydullina on Aug 11th, 2021. Artwork published in
July 2021
Decret on 1
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Diana Kasay, CEO at Readymag, has launched a YouTube channel titled Декрет о where she looks at women’s career possibilities (and impossibilities!) from different angles.

Designer Tanya Egoshina comments on the Decret on project:

I tried Spektra, because I’ve been wanting to do something with a variable font for ages. Eventually, I chose exactly this typeface — it became a good story of various slants and angles as different perspectives.

It was super nice working with the typeface. You get a little bit tired of angling each letter separately, but it is great that you can sculpt each word in a new way — come up with different options.

At first I gathered texts in Illustrator, but then I had to move to Figma so that it would be convenient for our SMM team to make edits. But right now Figma is not very variable-fonts friendly, so each time you have to go through the stage of pain, processing the letter using a plug-in.

Read the entire article on the website.

Decret on 2
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Decret on 3
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