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“Gute Zigarren” paper bag, M. Georg Püschmann

Photo(s) by altpapiersammler. Imported from Flickr on Jun 1, 2024. Artwork published in
circa 1915
“Gute Zigarren” paper bag, M. Georg Püschmann
Source: Uploaded to Flickr by altpapiersammler and tagged with “auroragrotesk”, “säculum” and “bernhardantiqua”. License: All Rights Reserved.

Paper bag advertising M. Georg Püschmann’s “first specialist store” for tobacco in Neukirchen im Erzgebirge, Saxony.

While “Gute Zigarren” at the top is lettering, the remaining six lines are set in six different fonts from four typefaces: Inserat-Grotesk schmal (with thick-thin underline), Bernhard-Antiqua, two weights of Säculum, and two sizes of a yet unidentified bold and rather wide Grotesk.

The design is undated, but based on the release dates of the identified typefaces, it must be from after 1911.


  • Inserat-Grotesk schmal / Aurora-Grotesk VIII
  • Säculum
  • Bernhard-Antiqua
  • unidentified typeface




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2 Comments on ““Gute Zigarren” paper bag, M. Georg Püschmann”

  1. I think the unidentified typeface on the bottom might be Genzsch and Heyse’s Blockschrift.

  2. Definitely similar. The specimens I’ve seen don’t show a monocular g for Blockschrift, though. Also, the G on the bag seems wider and the t bar as well as the flag on 1 shorter.

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