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Discriminator (2021) movie poster

Contributed by Natalie Worth on Jun 12th, 2021. Artwork published in .
Discriminator (2021) movie poster
Photo: Natalie Worth. License: All Rights Reserved.

Discriminator (2021) is an interactive documentary about facial recognition databases directed by Brett Gaylor. The movie poster was designed by Natalie Worth, using VolumeFour (2018) in tightly spaced lowercase letters for the title. This typeface by Ryan Corey is based on the lettering of the album Vol 4 by Black Sabbath. It’s paired with a number of other sans-serif typefaces for a (retro-)futuristic feel.

2 Comments on “Discriminator (2021) movie poster”

  1. VolumeFour is similar to Peter Bennet’s Gadget (Zipatone, 1970s) and comes in solid and lined versions. There is a freebie digitization of the same name but with the K22 prefix.

  2. Correct! We already had an entry for Gadget Lined, but no crosslink to VolumeFour yet. Added now, thanks. My understanding is that the lettering for the Vol 4 album cover is based on Gadget Lined (minus the lines). I should do a post about that cover!

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