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Lil Yayo – “Ei Voi Unohtaa” single

Contributed by Julian Grönberg on Nov 26th, 2020. Artwork published in
November 2020
Lil Yayo – “Ei Voi Unohtaa” single 1
Universal Music Finland. License: All Rights Reserved.

Single cover and two unused proposals for “Ei Voi Unohtaa” by Finnish artist Lil Yayo from Helsinki on behalf Universal Music Finland. The song title translates to: “I can’t be forgotten” which in this case describes him as the wheel where his heart is stuck and filled with poison. A wheel refers to a getaway from all these problems and feelings, while poisoned.

The title in the final version was written in the brush type Indelible by Youssef Habchi. The artist’s name is set in a sharp and creepy font called Sinistre from French artist Lazy Dog aka Jules Durand. The alternative covers show the same font in different graded chrome styles.

These 3D elements were created by another French designer named Louis Crevier, who recently worked with Julian Schröpel as well on another single cover for German rap artist Payy. Seems like we will see more of those two collaborating on single covers for the future.

Another one was made with Lucas Descroix’s Nostra Sett for the first part and for the second line the swing-ish style of Nostra Stream.

Lil Yayo – “Ei Voi Unohtaa” single 2
Photo: Julian Grönberg. License: All Rights Reserved.
Lil Yayo – “Ei Voi Unohtaa” single 3
Photo: Julian Grönberg. License: All Rights Reserved.


  • Sinistre
  • Indelible
  • Nostra Stream
  • Nostra Sett




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  1. This looks really cool! And if it looks creepy, I’m definitely gonna like it ^^

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