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Armaggedon – Armaggedon album art

Contributed by Nick Sherman on Aug 21st, 2020. Artwork published in .
Armaggedon – Armaggedon album art 1
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Self-titled album from German hard rock band Armaggedon [sic]. It was their first and only album, originally released in 1970 on the Kuckuck record label.

The cover features the band’s name extra-large in an eroded setting of Permanent Headline, split in half across two lines, with the second line rotated upside-down. To fit the first line in the same width as the second line, it’s set a bit smaller, slightly squooshed, with extra-tight letterspacing. The ‘R’ appears to have been modified to remove the outstroke on the bottom of its leg (or it’s possible an alternate straightened form of ‘R’ was available).

Though the images of the back cover I’ve found are relatively low resolution, the track listing and credits look like they’re set in tightly-spaced Arrow. Later reissues have used Optima instead.

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Armaggedon – Armaggedon album art 2
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Armaggedon – Armaggedon album art 3
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