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2020 Hindsight T-shirt

Contributed by Myles Thompson on Jun 15th, 2020. Artwork published in
April 2020
2020 Hindsight T-shirt 1
Photo: Myles Thompson. License: All Rights Reserved.

I designed this shirt for the 50th anniversary of Earth Day 2020. The shirt is a play on the idiom “2020 hindsight,” which is a direct commentary on how we shouldn’t ignore overconsumption in the garment industry. As well as how consumer overconsumption has had a large part in changing our planet.

The shirt is also an exercise in turning consumer thought into action: Write your goal or intention on the back of the shirt, saying what you want to do with it when you’re done wearing it. See if you can follow through with your promise and extend the lifecycle of your shirt. In addition, 50% of all proceeds went to

As of now, the campaign for these shirts has ended. But you may read more about my design process for the T-shirt in an interview on Everpress.

2020 Hindsight T-shirt 2
Source: License: All Rights Reserved.
2020 Hindsight T-shirt 3
Source: Photo: Myles Thompson. License: All Rights Reserved.
2020 Hindsight T-shirt 4
Source: License: All Rights Reserved.

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