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O Turvo, Issue 01

Contributed by Will Cega on Apr 21st, 2020. Artwork published in
April 2020
O Turvo, Issue 01 1
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O Turvo is a critical instance published bimonthly in the format of a digital and printed newspaper, not attached to any language par excellence and always variable in what it addresses. Turvo comes from the need to build a space for a possible articulation of today’s will, in line with the poetic and disruptive precepts that circulate our bodies in times of quarantine.

From the editors’ note about Issue 01:

Made from the abstract understanding of what became the days under the political and social anecdote in which the pandemic crisis of COVID-19 unfolded, O TURVO proposes to be if not a still inconclusive experiment about the movement of the coming days, a junction of syncopated languages in its presences, throats muted and devoid of palate, girded eyes, scorched by the sun of an inconclusive future power; a strange way of looking at the disembodiments of the days to come, linking them to fierce perspectives on the ways we walked the world until then.

The fonts in use are the seriffed Reckless Neue and the sans-serif Roobert, both by Displaay Type Foundry. They were chosen for their visual behavior, and the way they fit well into this narrative: Text blocks are being compressed by something bigger – in this case, the repetitions that invade the composition – throwing them to the edges of the layout. This reflects the current situation of quarantine, where there are greater forces conditioning us to new contexts.

Editors: Guilherme Teixeira & Will Cega
Design: AÇO.ORG (Alexandre Ruda & Will Cega)
Collaborators: Ana Matheus Abbade, Anna Costa e Silva, Antonia Baudouin, Barbara Mastrobuono, Clube, Cammila Ferreira, Fabio Zuker, Felipe Barsuglia, Germano Dushá, Gustavo Torres, Ilê Sartuzi, Janaina Wagner, Lara Teixeira, Lucas Kröeff, Marcelo Mudou, Online Doctorate, Paulo Lobo, Rodrigo Andrade, Santarosa Barreto and Thomaz Rosa.

O Turvo, Issue 01 2
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O Turvo, Issue 01 3
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O Turvo, Issue 01 4
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O Turvo, Issue 01 5
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O Turvo, Issue 01 6
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