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Vigil by Jenny Holzer

Contributed by Matthijs Sluiter on Dec 22nd, 2019. Artwork published in
October 2019
Vigil by Jenny Holzer 1
Source: License: All Rights Reserved.

In the weekend of 10–12 October 2019, artist Jenny Holzer projected a confrontational work of art on the façades of offices and skyscrapers around Rockefeller Center in downtown Manhattan, New York City. Named Vigil, the installation shares first-person accounts (memories, responses) about the experience of being confronted with gun violence.

They ask the questions that only survivors can ask— “I was so outraged. How do you buy a gun at 11 o’clock in the morning and shoot your wife in the afternoon?”—and remember victims by name and age. Before they fade on Sunday, read several of the excerpts that have found a more permanent home on Instagram, here. — W magazine

Like all work by Holzer, Vigil is text-based and set in all caps. For this installation, she picked Futura Condensed, centre-aligned and projected at a very large size.

Vigil by Jenny Holzer 2
Source: Lucio Salvatore. License: All Rights Reserved.
Vigil by Jenny Holzer 3
Source: License: All Rights Reserved.
Vigil by Jenny Holzer 4
Source: License: All Rights Reserved.


  • Futura Condensed



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