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Transcultural Collaboration

Contributed by WELTKERN® Typefaces on May 23rd, 2019. Artwork published in .
Transcultural Collaboration 1
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From Think Work Observe’s website:

Transcultural Collaboration is a unique international MA semester program in the arts and design, and a cooperation between seven arts universities in Asia and Europe. Thirty participants from all arts and design disciplines have the chance to explore Zurich and Hong Kong, collaborating on experiments with open outcomes.

Zurich and Hong Kong are the two main locations of the program. They serve as the matrix and common playground for explorations and experiments. The differences between Hong Kong and Zurich are huge: they provide interesting insights and opportunities for reflection on a variety of topics such as value 2019 Transcultural Collaboration systems, politics, traditions and cultural hybridization, or power structures. Every year, the program offers as well a perspective on a third city. This year (2019), the group will travel to Shanghai for a field trip that includes a public presentation at the Ming Contemporary Art Museum.

We worked on the new identity of the project proposing a typography-based layout with strong references to contemporary art and letterforms experiments. Typeface: Everett by Nolan Paparelli.

Transcultural Collaboration 2
Source: © TWO, 2019. License: All Rights Reserved.
Transcultural Collaboration 3
Source: © TWO, 2019. License: All Rights Reserved.

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