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Contributed by Resistenza Type on Mar 14th, 2019. Artwork published in
circa 2016
“HeerenZeep – natural care for beard and body”
License: All Rights Reserved.

HeerenZeep – natural care for beard and body”

Product line for Pappas, “the only barbershop in Utrecht and perhaps in the Netherlands that produces bespoke men’s care products according to their own recipe. Only natural products with delicious smells and carefully ‘tested’ on their own customers.”

The product names are set in Nautica (Resistenza) with smaller type in Copperplate Gothic. The four winds around the compass are indicated with capitals from Trajan. Like the nautic-themed design, the language is authentically faux vintage: the copywriter picked modern words, but spelled in a quasi-ancient way.

“Groomingh [sic] Spray”
Source: License: All Rights Reserved.

Groomingh [sic] Spray

“Schmeersel – old-fashioned haircare for men”.
Source: License: All Rights Reserved.

Schmeersel – old-fashioned haircare for men”.


  • Nautica
  • Copperplate Gothic
  • Trajan



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