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The Terminator Polish movie poster

Contributed by Stephen Coles on Nov 29th, 2012. Artwork published in .
The Terminator Polish movie poster
Source: Polish Film Poster Picture Archive. License: All Rights Reserved.

Discovered at Letterboxd.

3 Comments on “The Terminator Polish movie poster”

  1. This MICR-style typeface is Mecanorma’s Magnetic, which is a licensed adaptation of Photo-Lettering’s Magnetic Ink.

  2. Thank you! There may be other Magnetic Ink examples in the archive, misidentified as something else, back before I knew of it.

  3. Quite possible! I think I went through them once, when I noticed that Mecanorma’s Magnetic is not identical with Moore Computer. Today I realized that it’s a version of Photo-Lettering’s adaptation. It’s labeled as being licensed from PLINC in Mecanorma catalogs, just like British Inserat or Contest.

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