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Dr Phibes & Gregg – “1990 Is Our Space” single cover

Contributed by Thomas Van Herck on Jan 3rd, 2019. Artwork published in .
Dr Phibes & Gregg – “1990 Is Our Space” single cover 1
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Cover and back cover for “1990 Is Our Space” by Dr Phibes & Gregg (1990). Dr Phibes is the alter ego of Italian producer Bruno Sanchioni.

From top to bottom, the cover typography uses Compacta Bold (note the added dot on the capital I), Microgramma Bold Extended (this could also be Eurostile), Folio Extra Bold, 1990 set in a yet unidentified typeface that is similar to Today Sans, Gill Sans Display ExtraBold, and Kabel. “Is Our Space” is set in what looks like Alpin Gothic No. 1.

The back cover shows more Alpin Gothic No. 1 and Antique Olive Bold.

Dr Phibes & Gregg – “1990 Is Our Space” single cover 2
License: All Rights Reserved.

2 Comments on “Dr Phibes & Gregg – “1990 Is Our Space” single cover”

  1. Pretty sure “1990” is Gill Sans Extra Bold, with a “flag” added manually to the figure one, possibly with some ruling tape or maybe an I or l from a different font.

  2. Agreed, and added. Here’s a specimen of Monotype Series 321, Gill Sans Extra Bold:

    A similar version was available from Letraset as Gill Extra Bold. None of the digital interpretations is a perfect match. Gill Sans ExtraBold and Gill Sans Nova Extra Bold have too large counters. Gill Sans Display ExtraBold comes close to the metal sample, but is off in some details. e.g. figure 1 has a flag, counter in A is larger, left side of t bar isn’t pointed.

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