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HBKsaar “link” lecture series

Contributed by Florian Hardwig on Oct 23rd, 2018. Artwork published in
October 2018
HBKsaar “link” lecture series 1
Indra Kupferschmid. License: All Rights Reserved.

For this poster announcing a series of lecture at HBKsaar, Indra Kupferschmid paired two typefaces by James Edmondson and one by Alice Savoie.

Faune serves for the month abbreviations and the circled numbers marking the dates.

Vulf Mono was chosen for the heading and the smaller description texts. The title “link” is in the Black Italic style of the monospaced family.

The star of this purely typographic design is, hands down, Ohno Blazeface Italic, an unapologetic bold display face with strong retro vibes. Some of its details remind me of late ’60s/early ’70s fatties like François Boltana’s Stilla (Letraset) or Dave West’s Emperor Script (PLINC). And yet it’s unmistakably Edmondson through and through. While its roman counterpart (not used here) is already part of the official OH no library, the italic is still work in progress. A preliminary version—currently at v0.3—can be licensed from Future Fonts. Indra set the names in a stacked and justified arrangement and wasn’t shy to stretch shorter and longer entries to make them fit. With its plump shapes, Blazeface definitely can handle some squooshing, and Indra additionally made clever use of its optical sizes (available in a full range from 12 to 72 point) to compensate for the distortion. To paraphrase what the late Hans Peter Willberg wrote in Erste Hilfe Typografie: It might break all the rules, but a virtuoso typographer can get away with murder.

Indra Kupferschmid. License: All Rights Reserved.


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