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Peter, Paul and Mary – See What Tomorrow Brings album art

Contributed by Nick Shinn on Jun 13th, 2018. Artwork published in .
Peter, Paul and Mary – See What Tomorrow Brings album art 1
Photo: Nick Shinn. License: All Rights Reserved.

Kalligraphia (Weisert, 1902) was used for the band’s name on their first, hugely successful album, designed by Milton Glaser of Pushpin Studios in 1962, and became their name brand font subsequently, on all their album covers in the 1960s, including this from 1965.


  • Kalligraphia
  • Thorowgood Sans Shaded




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3 Comments on “Peter, Paul and Mary – See What Tomorrow Brings album art”

  1. Thank you, Nick! Here’s an image of the first album by Peter, Paul and Mary, from 1962 (image via Amazon):

    Indeed many sources credit Weisert for Kalligraphia. I’m convinced this is a mix-up with a different typeface of the same name, issued around the same time. The bold reverse contrast script appears to have originated at the Kloberg foundry in Leipzig. The other Kalligraphia by the Weisert foundry in Stuttgart is a copperplate script, see these two snippets taken from Klimschs Jahrbuch 1907 and 1920:

  2. Glaser’s design of the first album was better balanced than the example shown, but he did it for mono! When the “stereo” bar was added at the top, the made-up film was moved down in toto, chopping off the bottom of the guitars.

  3. Good point, Nick! The original mono cover with uncropped guitars can be seen on Classic Film’s Flickr.

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