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Contributed by Matthijs Sluiter on May 12th, 2018. Artwork published in .
Gippslandia 1
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Two headline faces with a similar feel and weight in use. Domaine Display (narrow) is used for the masthead (and for headlines on the Gippslandia website), Caslon Graphique for headlines inside the publication. Both are paired with a workhorse companion for all other text: Calibre (designed and marketed by Klim, as is Domaine) and Caslon (URW++?).

Gippslandia is a quarterly magazine in newspaper format, for, and about, the Latrobe Valley & Gippsland. It’s an ever-optimistic take on regional, national and global issues, in a local context. Oh, and it’s free.

Gippslandia, the publication, draws from a variety of different media. The title pays homage (with our tongue firmly in cheek) to the US offbeat comedy, Portlandia, which so cleverly satires the unique nuances of their population. Gippslandians frequently enjoy a self-deprecating chuckle amongst themselves. Inspired current affair and analysis focused titles such as Monocle or Assemble Papers and the Melbourne street press paper Broadsheet have also influenced Gippslandia. In fact, we believe Gippslandia will likely find a home in a magazine stack alongside the aforementioned titles – as Gippslandians love to stay informed.

Founded by the creatives, designers and travelers that form, and collaborate with, Traralgon-based design studio The View From Here, Gippslandia will seek to identify trends, movements, points of potential change, improvement or growth and rather than get emotionally negative, we wish to present you with ideas that could assist in transitioning Gippsland into a more attractive destination for local, interstate and international business and tourism. –– The View From Here website

Gippslandia 2
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Gippslandia 3
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Gippslandia 4
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Gippslandia 5
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Gippslandia 6
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