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Visible Language journal, 1975 issue No. 33

Contributed by Florence Fu on Sep 15th, 2017. Artwork published in
January 1975
Visible Language journal, 1975 issue No. 33 1
Source: Letterform Archive. License: All Rights Reserved.

Visible Language is a peer-reviewed design journal about visual communication published by the School of Design at the University of Cincinnati. The cover was designed by Gert Dumbar at Tel Design Associated, Den Haag, and uses only lowercase letters from Univers. This issue features articles investigating the photographic restoration of letterforms, to shapes as cues to word recognition.

This issue also features an interesting letter to the editor written by an unhappy Hermann Zapf, bewildered by the recent cover designs and claiming they are not “serious enough” for an scientific journal.

Letterform Archive’s collection of Visible Language spans almost two decades since the journal’s first publication in 1967.

Visible Language journal, 1975 issue No. 33 2
License: All Rights Reserved.


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