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Es passierte. by Christian Uetz

Contributed by Erik Spiekermann on Jun 19th, 2017. Artwork published in
September 2015
Es passierte. by Christian Uetz 1
Photo: Erik Spiekermann. License: All Rights Reserved.

Cover design featuring FF Trixie. Published by Secession Verlag, Zürich.

Es passierte. by Christian Uetz 2
Source: Secession Verlag. License: All Rights Reserved.


  • Lyon




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3 Comments on “Es passierte. by Christian Uetz”

  1. From the excerpt on Secession Verlag’s website, the text seems to be set in Lyon. I can’t tell if it was set by E. Spiekermann as well, but his fondness for the typeface in question might suggest so.

  2. Merci, Maxime! It is indeed Lyon (Text Regular No.2, together with its lovely italics). I have added one image of a sample spread. Text messages are set in Trixie.

    The whole book including the interior was designed and typeset by Erik Spiekermann, together with Robert Grund. Renate Stefan overlooked the production.

  3. Lyon is the Secession house face. Some books have been set in FF Franziska, but most in Lyon. We use Text Regular 2 because it has the extra weight that is needed for tepid offset printing.

    I design the inside pages as well and often have Robert Grund help with the typesetting because he is the master at InDesign.

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