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Chuck Berry – Sweet Little Sixteen EP

Photo(s) by Klaus Hiltscher. Imported from Flickr on Dec 18, 2016. Artwork published in .
Chuck Berry – Sweet Little Sixteen EP 1
Source: Klaus Hiltscher. License: All Rights Reserved.
Chuck Berry – Sweet Little Sixteen EP 2
Source: Uploaded to Flickr by Klaus Hiltscher and tagged with “grayda” and “bernhardgothic”. License: All Rights Reserved.


  • Grayda
  • Bernhard Gothic
  • Egyptian Expanded
  • Modernized Alternate Gothic




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3 Comments on “Chuck Berry – Sweet Little Sixteen EP”

  1. The front cover uses Monotype’s expansion of Alternate Gothic for Chuck Berry’s name or, more specifically, Modernized Alternate Gothic, which included several alternate caps that were designed in 1927 by Sol Hess.

    A specimen and more details can be found here:…

  2. I haven’t gotten a response yet, so I should clarify some things. Chuck Berry’s name on the front cover uses Sol Hess’ alternate round caps for Monotype’s copy of Alternate Gothic. With those letters, the font was sometimes called Modernized Alternate Gothic or Excelsior Gothic.

    Mac McGrew’s American metal typefaces of the Twentieth Century shows a specimen on the first line of the Alternate Gothic section, as seen here:…

  3. Hi Bryson, I saw your comment, and you are spot on, of course. It’s just that I don’t always find time to address such findings right away – there are maaany loose ends.

    This variant now has an entry in the database and was added to this Use. Thanks!

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