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“Supply it.” Royal Air Force poster

Photo(s) by The National Archives UK. Imported from Flickr on Jul 24, 2012. Artwork published in
circa 1975
“Supply it.” Royal Air Force poster
Source: Uploaded by The National Archives UK and tagged with “weiss”. License: All Rights Reserved.

Description: Royal Air Force recruitment poster
Date: c.1975
Our Catalogue Reference: INF 13/111

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1 Comment on ““Supply it.” Royal Air Force poster”

  1. …and, rather unexpectedly, that looks Granby at bottom right. I’ve never really understood what was going on with Granby, it seems to crop up every now and then with no very obvious reason. I can only assume some printers and designers really liked it. You see it on the most random things – quite a few programmes for the '48 Olympics, for instance.

    (Speaking of which, this has brought my attention to Aviation Ancestry, which is a really cool archive of trade aviation advertisements indexed by year. It’s basically the most structured directory of trends in British trade printing I’ve seen.)

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