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Sweet & Flower

ITC American Typewriter tastes just right for this vintage sweet shop.

Contributed by Stephen Coles on Dec 21st, 2010. Artwork published in
circa 2010

Sweet & Flower Identity

The light weight of ITC American Typewriter, with its warm curves, soft brackets, and ball terminals have always been well suited to quaint, feminine subject matter. Designer Celeste Provost expanded on these qualities for a Brooklyn florist and candy store.

ITC American Typewriter ampersands

ITC American Typewriter’s standard and alternate ampersands.

Starting with the font’s alternate, swash ampersand, Provost gave it a more conventional loop at the top and ended up with a very attractive monogram. Provost also made another adjustment to Typewriter, creating a new weight between the hairline Light and fairly beefy Medium to make the logotype work at a variety of sizes.

Sweet & Flower logo
Sweet & Flower monogram


  • ITC American Typewriter




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3 Comments on “Sweet & Flower”

  1. Awesome use of ITC American Typewriter. It's always good to see such a retro typeface look fresh again.

  2. Beautiful! I love what she’s done with the monogram and ampersand.

  3. Simplicity and beauty, incredible work. I admire the attention to detail, it makes all the difference

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